How can I run multiple instances of WebLogic 4.5x or 5.x on the same machine?

Robert Castaneda

To run multiple instances of Weblogic on the same machine, each instance must either

  1. Run on a different port (Using the weblogic.system.listenPort property)


  2. Run on a different IP Address (Using the weblogic.system.bindAddr property)
Following are the steps to running multiple instances using a different port.
  1. Create a directory underneath your weblogic directory (or location of your weblogic.system.home). For example "secondserver".
  2. Inside this directory, create or copy an existing weblogic.properties file. Inside this file you should set your weblogic.system.listenPort to a value that is different from the other server (myserver)
  3. When launching your weblogic server, you'll need to modify your start script to specify the weblogic.system.name property on the command line to the value of the "secondserver" directory as follows:

    java ... -Dweblogic.system.name=secondserver ... weblogic.Server

To run on a different address, you'll have to have a multi-homed host and configure the weblogic.system.bindAddr property.