What is a weblogic.properties file? How can I create a new one?

Robert Castaneda

The weblogic.properties file is used to configure the Weblogic server. It is used in versions 5.x and previous. In version 6.0, it has been deprecated and replaced with an xml file (config.xml).

The weblogic.properties file is a plain text file that follows the standard Java property file format - see this FAQ for more details. All configuration information for the Weblogic server is placed inside this file, including:

  • Deployments of EJB's and Servlets
  • Definitions of JDBC Connection Pools and DataSources
  • System configuration - Port and Address settings
  • Security and Access Control List definitions

An example of a property from a weblogic.properties file is as follows:


To create a new weblogic.properties file, simply create a new text file with the name weblogic.properties.