How can I manage more than one Workspace in VisualAge?

Eric Rizzo

The multiple workspaces feature works like this:

  1. Copy ide.icx to another name (like MyWorkspace.icx).
  2. Copy ide.ini to a similarly named file (MyWorkspace.ini) It is important that the names match.
  3. Then start VAJ with the command-line argument -i <workspaceFile> (as in "ivjenv.bat -i MyWorkspace.icx").

Both of the copied files must reside in the same directory as the original ide.icx and ide.ini when VAJ is started with these newcopies.

With this setup, the new workspace can be connected to a different repository (assuming Enterprise Editon), have a differnt user owner, differet projects loaded, etc. and will be maintained separatly from the "default" workspace. You can create as many of these workspace copies as you want, as long as they are kept in the original directory <VAJInstallation>ideprogram