I want to develop a web site in XML. What software is required and where can I find it?

Brian Ewins

If you are asking how to develop a dynamic java-based website which uses XML and stylesheets to produce HTML/WML/SVG etc, then you should look at:

xml.apache.org for the Xerces parser and the Xalan XSL-T engine;

jakarta.apache.org for a servlet engine to build on;

Oracle Technet if you're building a site on top of Oracle (you can get their XSQL servlet, its very easy to use) - or read this javaworld article if you're using a non-Oracle DB

Producing useful translations from XML using XSL is half the battle. You should get hold of the Mulberry reference cards, and I found that Neil Bradleys "The XSL Companion" was a decent reference.

Finally you can't mention places to get XML tools without alphaworks - lots of IBM stuff you can download, including an XSL editor.