If we use a web-based email provider like Yahoo Mail, how can we find out what the SMTP / POP server is to get / send mail from JavaMail?

John Zukowski

To find out the SMTP and POP servers for a web-based email provider, you need to search through the Help docs for the provider for this information to see if they even support it. For instance, for Yahoo Mail, help is available through their Help Desk. Specifically, How do I configure my POP3 email client to send and receive Yahoo! Mail messages? answers your questions. Other providers should have similar help available.

Specifically for Yahoo, the POP server is pop.mail.yahoo.com and the SMTP server is smtp.mail.yahoo.com. You must enable POP Access & Forwarding from their Options screen before being able to get your messages remotely.

You cannot enable this feature w/o upgrading to a fee-based access account.