How can I debug MSVC++6 DLL native methods with JDK1.3? I followed the instruction in Rob Gordon's Essential JNI book, but they refer to JDK1.1. I managed to supply jvm.dll in place of javai.dll and got to the point that I could fire the debugger. The problem is that when running, it won't stop at the breakpoint I set in the native method. Do I miss something in setting up MSVC IDE for debugger?

Davanum Srinivas

Insert the following lines in your code where you want the debugger to start and run the Java code as usual. When DebugBreak() call is executed, MSDEV will open automatically and you can set your breakpoints/debug as usual from there on.

//The DebugBreak function causes a breakpoint 
//exception to occur in the current process 
More information can be found at: