What does VAJ do with the versioning/editions of a class when I edit it in the Source View? It seems that the entire class' edition is changed no matter what changes are made in Source View.

Eric Rizzo

Normally, changing a method in an open edition of a class will only create a new edition of that method, not the entire class - but Source View behaves a bit differently. Whenever a class is edited (changed) in the Source View, VAJ creates a new edition of the entire class, not just the method(s) that were changed (as it does in normal VAJ editing mode). This can cause some confusion to experienced VAJ users who expect new editions of a class only when they change a Version or explicitly create an open edition (VAJ Enterprise).

Also note that if a VCE class is edited in Source View, the resulting new edition of the class will lose its VCE data, as if it had been written by hand. In that case, the way to get the VCE data back on the class is to revert to the previous edition of the class.