I have read about replacing the workspace file ide.icx with a "clean" or "fresh" one. How do I do that?

Eric Rizzo



First things first: your workspace file is located in the /ide/program directory under your VAJ installation, and it is named ide.icx. It can become corrupt for a variety of reasons, but luckily it is easy enough to replace it.

Note that after you replace your workspace file and start VAJ, the Projects you had loaded in your workspace may not be there. Remember that your code is stored in the repository (see How does the repository/workspace combination work?) and just reload the Projects you need back into your workspace (Add Project > choose "from Repository" option).

A clean workspace file can generally be found along with the installation CD or download. Look for ide.icx in the file ivjXXbackupide.zip on the CD, where XX denotes the version number of VAJ you installed (either 30 or 35).
If you intalled VAJ from the VADD download, you'll find the same ZIP file located in the directory tree when you extract the downloaded installation files (before running the Setup program).

Alternatively, Instantiations (the company who makes the VA Assist add-on tool) has several different versions of a clean workspace file available on their website at http://www.instantiations.com/vaj/files.

Note: it has been reported that for 3.02 EA (Java2) Professinal edition, the ide.icx included in the backup directory on the CD is the incorrect version and will not work. It is recommended that you download the correct file from Instantiations if you are using this version.