How do I get my own manifest file entries in a jar that is exported by VAJ 3.5? The system always generates an empty manifest, and if I include a manifest file in my resources and export it I end up with two idenitically named manifest files in the jar.

Robert Höglund Wanlert

The manifest file that is created in your jar archive is a default manifest file generated by Visual Age for Java. The manifest file that you choose in the stage when you create a jar file ( that you want to use as the "real" manifest file) is not an actual JAR manifest (as Java2 expects) - it's just a file that VAJ uses for reading/writing information about the classes and resources in your jar file.
It seems that the name "manifest fil"e is rather confusing and ambiguous for this VAJ feature, and that VAJ 3.5 is not completely supporting the manifest file introduced in Java2.

The best thing to do may be to edit the manifest "manually" outside of VAJ (with an archive tool or the JDK jar command).