Why do I get an internal stack inconsistency on a mouseClicked method when I run an app created by VisualAge for Java Early Adopters in Sun's JDK?

Michele Schroeder

It appears that exported code from Visual Age (Java classes) may be interpreted differently by different virtual machines.

One of the problems that occurred when running the exported code was the stack exception. This occurred in the CbcmTree.init() method where it tried to call CbcmTree.retrieve(CbcmTreeNode). This is an overloaded method. The other overloaded version is CbcmTree.retrieve(). The code running under Sun's VM tries to call the public version of CbcmTree.retrieve() (with no arguments), thus the stack exception.

CbcmTree.retrieve() was public and CbcmTree.retrieve(CbcmTreeNode) was private. With both classes set to public, the correct method was found while running under the Sun VM and no exception occurred.