Does the inclusion of a .css file in JSP cause any problem?

Sean Kelly

That depends on what you mean by "inclusion."

The JSP processor copies non-scriptlet and non-JSP tags to the servlet output stream verbatim, including references to cascading stylesheets. For example, if your .jsp file contains this line:

<link href="/mine.css" rel="stylesheet">
then that line goes to the client unchanged, causing no problem.

If you mean you wish to include the contents of a .css file in a .jsp file with the <jsp:include> mechanism, you can do that, too. But the JSP file should itself become a cascading stylesheet when processed, since the CSS syntax isn't compatible with HTML syntax. That is, you'd do something like this:

<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/css" %>
<jsp:include page="/included.css"/>
    font-weight: bold;
Here, the JSP file contains some CSS syntax, and uses the JSP include tag to include the contents of another .css file. After processing, the client sees the complete file as a cascading stylesheet, thanks to the text/css content type.