We are trying to use the team development features of VisualAge for Java Enterprise Edition (using a shared repository and emsrv). Is there any documentation other than the HTML help pages to refer to for guidance?

Eric Rizzo

There is a PDF file installed with VAJ that explains team programming and the built-in version control in detail. The file is <VAJInstallationDirectory>docpdf eam.pdf or on the installation CD in a pdf directory.

The "Getting Started, Enterprise Edition" (getstrt2.pdf) also has a chapter on team programming.

Both should be required reading for shared repository users; they do an excellent job of outlining the features, possible scenarios, and suggested policies surrounding using shared repositories, as well as administrating EMSRV.

Also, there is a IBM Redbook available on the subject at http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg245245.html Note that this document was written for VAJ version 2, but most of it is still applicable.

For a more recent (although shorter) IBM document that covers the topics, see http://www7.software.ibm.com/vad.nsf/data/document2162

There is also another FAQ that specifically discusses installing the repository server on Windows NT.