If I create an exe calling the JVM, what are the files needed (on win32, for example) to be able to run? Will I need a full VM installed? Can I install only specific files? which ones? Will Sun let me re-distribute the java.dll with my executable?

Alexander Krapf

Sun allows you to redistribute a JRE with your application. You need to check out the JRE license for details. Please read it completely and don't just take my word for it, but basically you have to promise to install a complete JRE (minus a few optional files) and not pick and choose files from the JRE.

This is exactly what we do in our JunC++ion product (http://www.codemesh.com) where we do not want to rely on the presence of a previously installed JVM. We just copy the complete JRE into a private subdirectory of our product and use a custom launcher that ensures that we always use that JRE.