What should I do if I get errors when starting VAJ and can't connect to my shared (team) repository through EMSRV?

Mr Nara

1. ping <machineName>
from your client machine, where <machineName> is the name of your EMSRV server. If you can't reach it, it is a network problem. Also, ping your client machine from the EMSRV server machine (thanks to Anthony Winner for pointing out that this step is not optional in an environment where the client machines are not in a DNS).

2a. Get a copy of emadmin.exe on your client machine and try:

   emadmin list <machineName>
   emadmin stat <machineName>
These should give you some decent info on what is happening with EMSRV on <machineName> If it doesn't connect, EMSRV may not be running on <machineName> for some reason or another.

2b. Check with other developers in your team. Can anyone connect to the repository? If someone can connect to EMSRV, there is a very good chance that the problem isn't with EMSRV but with your clientMachine setup. e.g. Could your workspace (ide.icx) be corrupt?

3. If no one can connect to EMSRV, it may be time to stop it and restart it. My experience with EMSRV has been very positive, with an occasional issue that usually has its root in some network occurence. Check emsrv.log to see if anything interesting occurred.
If you have network admins who like to shut things down at 4am and not tell anyone about it, you'll have to deal with them in your own way...