Where can I get a list of all the commands I can type in the Netscape Java console?

John Zukowski

Typing a question mark (?) in the Java console reveals the available command set:

Netscape Java Console Commands:
  b:   break into the debugger (Windows only)
  c:   clear console window
  d:   dump applet context state to console
  f:   finalize objects on finalization queue
  g:   garbage collect
  h:   print this help message
  l:   capture all classes loaded by an applet to a directory
  m:   print current memory use to console
  q:   hide console
  s:   dump memory summary to "memory.out"
  t:   dump thread info to "memory.out"
  x:   dump memory to "memory.out"
  X:   dump memory (detailed) to "memory.out"
  0-9: set applet debug level to <n>