While I am still making changes to a servlet code, how can I make a servlet reload every time I test it?

John Zukowski

It depends on the web server you are using to test your servlet. For instance, with Tomcat, you would replace the WAR file and the server notices the change and loads the new servlet on the next request, without having to restart the server.

[Short answer: for Tomcat, add reloadable="true" to the <Context> tag for that web application.

Note that there is a bug in Tomcat where replacing the WAR file doesn't work; you also have to delete the unpacked directory under TOMCAT/webapps/foo (for TOMCAT/webapps/foo.war).

If you are not using WAR file deployment, simply replacing the servlet classfile should work, as long as the class file is stored in webapp/WEB-INF/classes, or replacing the JAR file in webapp/WEB-INF/lib/foo.jar.