Are there any MPEG encoders written in Java?

Bill Day

The specifications for MPEG codecs are asymmetric. That is to say, it takes much more work to encode an MPEG bitstream than it does to decode it. This is by design, so that decoders can be simpler and hopefully much faster for end users/consumers. Because of the assymmetric nature of MPEG codecs, software MPEG decoders are more common than software encoders.

I am aware of several Java-based decoders, but no Java-based encoders. I would recommend searching through mpeg.org and especially its "Search Software and Products" page.

In theory, if you can find an all-software MPEG encoder that exposes an API for your use, you should at least be able to wrap the encoder in your own Java bindings. It's not an all-Java solution, but it could give you a Java interface to access your MPEG encoder.