Does VAJ integrate with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or other third-party SCM system?

Michael Szlapa

Yes, now it does. For detailed instructions for VAJ 3.5 use help file to navigate to:

   / Working in team environment 
     / Bridging to other SCM programs

If you are using VAJ 3.5 it is recommended that you upgrade to VAJ 3.5.3 or 4.0, both of which fixed some issues with the new SCM integration.

FAQ Manager's comment
Versions 2.0 and 3.0x of VAJ also had integration with external SCM systems, although not as rich as what is in 3.5. See the help system in those versions or look for an SCM.pdf document in the doc directory that is installed with VAJ or on the CD.
Also, Patch 2, released in mid-December 2000, includes enhancements to solve the performance problems in the SCM integration in VAJ 3.5.