How do I package my Java application for deployment to an AS/400 box?

Todd Mason

Java source and class files reside in the AS/400's IFS ( Integrated File System, ) as ASCII text files. You can create a Java source file in IFS via several different mechanisms:

  • 1. Create the Java source file on an attached PC and save or copy it to AS/400 IFS via a mapped network drive.
  • 2. Create the Java source file on another machine and transfer the source file to the AS/400 via binary mode FTP.
  • 3. Create the Java source library member on the AS/400 using Source Entry Utility (SEU). SEU creates an EBCDIC source library member. You then use the Copy To Stream File (CPYTOSTMF) command to copy the source library member to an IFS file and convert it to ASCII.
  • 4. Create the Java source file on AS/400 using the EDTF command.
Java class files are deployed unchanged to the IFS in the same manner as Java source files.

On pre V4R5 versions of OS/400 it is also recommended that you run CRTJVAPGM on any class or jar files you deploy to optimize them for the AS/400 environment.

In V4R5 and later the JIT is the default option so the CRTJVAPGM is not quite so critical.

This link to AS/400 Java Deployment has all the details: