I have some data and I want to use next and previous buttons to display each record. I can accomplish this at the client by using xmldocument.recordset.moveNext() in a JavaScript event. But how can I accomplish this when I am using XSL?

Alexandre Cuva

You have two options :

1)You have to load the xmlDocument at the onLoad event:

var source=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.xmldom");
and then use the XMLDom method.

2)[DataBiding] Add the following statement at the start of the page right after the body:

<XML SRC="budgetGet.xml" ID="xmldso"></XML>
and then use like before the xmldso.recordset.moveNext()

The first version gives you a way to navigate complex XML documents.

The second is quite easy for a simple xmlDocument.

You can find some good source code examples at the Wrox site.