What is the step by step procedure to deploy the EJB's in the WebSphere Test Environment in VAJ?

Badri Kuppa

1. Right click on the EJB Groups from the EJB tab and select "Add to Server Configuration" which adds it to the EJB server.

2. From the EJB Server configuration window, right click on the server which you added(for example, EJB Server(server1)) and select properties.

3. Enter all the fields in the properties menu (intially everything will be default)

  • a. DataSource: jdbc:db2:yourDatabaseName

  • b. Connection type - leave default

  • c. UserId : userId for the database

  • c. Password: Password for the database
  • leave others default and click ok.

    Now from the server configuration window, select "Location server Deamon" and "Persistant Name Server" and click "Start Server" button.

    Once the above two servers are started(you should see "E Server Open for E Business" message on your console) start the EJB Server in the same way.