Can I have my JSP container access JSP pages which are not present in a local file system by doing a JNDI lookup?

Serge Knystautas

There is nothing in the specification that would prevent you from doing this. The specification defines how requests should get mapped to resources, the syntax and API for JSPs and servlets, and the internal dispatching of requests within a container. It does not address where these are stored, whether the servlets come from a remote class loader or if the JSPs are stored in an LDAP server or other remote location. In fact, the Tomcat project has toyed with the idea of supporting JSPs that come from a database.

The problem you will face though is that there are no implementations available yet that support this. Nonetheless, there are open source projects (such as Tomcat) that I'm sure would be happy to accept code or a patch that had this functionality where you to write it.