When are stubs & skeletons created for my EJB components? is it at development time, deployment time or run time?

Robert Castaneda

The time of creation of stubs and skeletions for EJB components varies from server to server.

The creation of stubs and skeletons for the popular servers is outlined below:

Inprise Application Server 4.x
The stubs and skeletons can be created during development time, for development and testing with the command line utility of with JBuilder. The stubs and skeletons for the EJB can also be created during deployment using the IAS Console. There is also an option to create a Client Jar file. The Client Jar file contains the necessary stubs and interfaces for the EJB which a client requires to invoke the EJB.

WebLogic Server 4.5.x, 5.x
The stubs and skeletons are created at deployment time using the command line utility called weblogic.ejbc. In WebLogic 5.x, there is also a Deployer Tool available that will invoke the ejbc utility automatically.

jBoss Server
In jBoss, the stubs and skeletons are not required to be generated by the developer or deployer. The Server takes care of the creation and downloading of stubs.

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