How can one access the servletContext object from within a bean that was instantiated using <jsp:useBean ... />?

kavitha gudi

For instance, your JavaBean could have the following code:

               private JspPage jspPage;

               public JspPage getJspPage()
                   return jspPage;

               public void setJspPage(JspPage jspPage)
                   this.jspPage = jspPage;

Then, from within your JSP page, you could invoke:

               <jsp:useBean id="yourBean" class="your.package.YourBean" />
               <% yourBean.setJspPage(this); %>

Now, your bean can access the implicit objects and methods of the calling JSP page. You can get the ServletConfig using getServletConfig() of JspPage. getServletContext() returns the ServletContext related to that JspPage.