I need to include an ASP file from this server in a JSP. I believe this in theory can be done, because the JSP specification indicates that the jsp:include action can be performed on "any" dynamic object. However, Resin 1.1.4 includes the ASP source code, instead of the result of the execution of the ASP. Why?

Serge Knystautas

The JSP specification is a little confusing in this regard. You can perform a jsp:include by any dynamic object in the servlet engine. This means you cannot include ASPs.

What's happening is IIS (the web server that would handle ASPs) is seeing a JSP or servlet and sends that request to the servlet engine (in your case, Resin). When you include the ASP file, Resin attempts to process the ASP file, which it can't process, so it just puts it in as a text file. There are no hooks for the servlet engine to call back to the web server for pages that it can handle. You face the same problem in other systems where you can't include a web server handle cgi-bin program.

You might want to consider using ChiliSoft's ASP engine (available at http://www.chilisoft.com/) that runs in a servlet engine. It's not free, but then your JSP should be able to include an ASP in this framework as the servlet engine, and not the web server, is processing the ASP.