Can I add more RAM to my TINI board?

Tim Rohaly

The TINI board has pads for two 512kB x 8 RAM chips, but only one is populated. The firmware has built-in support for addressing the additional memory - "all" you have to do is buy it and install it.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. These chips are not readily available in small lots, and when they are, they cost approximately half as much as a TINI board! Also note that it takes special skill and equipment to solder this type of chip to the TINI board. You risk damaging or destroying not just the chip, but the board as well. Adding additional RAM is at your own risk.

Compatible parts are any 512kB x 8 RAM in a 400-mil 32-pin plastic TSOP II (TTP-32D) package, with a 55ns or less access time. There are two standard pinouts for this package (mirror images), so be sure to get the right one.