What command-line options does JavaKit accept?

Tim Rohaly

JavaKit will print out a list of the available command-line options if you specify -advanced when you start it up. Your output should look something like the following:

> java -classpath tini.jar JavaKit -advanced 

JavaKit            Version 2.1.8

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation

Usage: java JavaKit <-options>
Where options include:
-port             Specifies the COM port to auto open.
-macro            Specifies a macro file to auto load.
                    Pass multiple files separated by commas.
-baud             Specifies the baud rate to use (default is 115200.)
-padSize          Specifies the size of the pad string when
                    writing to Hex files to flash ROM (default is 12.)
-binPause         Specifies the number of milliseconds to pause after
                    a binary segment write. (default is 50ms.)
-exitAfterRun     Specifies that JavaKit should exit after running the
                    macro file specified with "-macro".
-bankSize         Specifies the size of each memory bank.
                    Default: 65536
-ROMSize          Specifies the total size of the Flash ROM.
                    Default: 524288
-log              Generates a log file called JavaKit.log.
-flushWait        Wait time after sending a portion of binary data.
                    Default: 50 ms.
-resetWait        Wait time after sending a DTR toggle.
                    Default: 100 ms.
-debug            Enables debug mode.
-noDTRTest        Instructs JavaKit not to test for DTR connected on
-advanced         Show advanced options.