How can I integrate the JRun 3.0 Application Server to use Apache or another external webserver?

swarraj kulkarni

To integrate the JRun 3.0 (even for 2.3 too ) you will have to configure the connector which connects the Web Server and Servlet container (in case of JRun 3.0 it is App Server).

For JRun 3.0 and Apache Web Server following is the procedure. (Assuming that Apache installation is proper and JRun 3.0 running on the same machine)

  • Stop your Web Server
  • Login JRun Admin Server as admin
  • Click on External Web Server link under the JRun Default Server
  • Provide the Web server version and platform info in Connector Configuration screen
  • on the step 2 screen provide the IP address and port number for Web server and jurn connector
  • Provide the Apache conf file location
  • Restart the web server
  • If everything is successful, you will get following message at the end of step 4 of Connector configuration
  • You have successfully installed the connector for Apache Web Server. You must restart your Web server to complete the JRun Connection Module installation.

    This process modifies the Apache's httpd.conf file to add JRun specific information.