How can I get my programming question answered?

John Zukowski



  1. Search jGuru for FAQs which may already answer your question.[Search Home]
  2. If your question is a minor variation of an existing FAQ question and the answer to the existing question doesn't sufficiently cover your variation then submit your question as "feedback" to the existing FAQ.
  3. If your question is not already answered, ask yourself, "is my question really appropriate as a FAQ?" If your question is NOT appropriate for use as a FAQ, see I have a question that is very specific to my situation and not appropriate for a general purpose FAQ, where can I go for answers?
  4. Identify the single jGuru FAQ that is most closely appropriate for your question.  I.e., the single FAQ where you would expect to find the answer to your question. Ask the question.
  5. Formulate your question in a well thought out manner. Make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct. Add appropriate HTML tags. When you feel you've checked everything, hit the Submit button.
  6. After hitting Submit from the submission page, you'll have an opportunity to check your submission to make sure it looks okay. If you need to make any corrections, press the browser's back button to return to the submission page and make corrections. Repeat until you are satisfied that your submission is ready for evaluation by the FAQ manager.
  7. After hitting Submit from the review page, the submission is sent to the FAQ manager for evaluation. The submission will not be immediately visible to the general population on the site, but you can check to see if it is in the submission review queue by selecting the Pending Submissions link from your Member Page.
  8. At this point, you will be given the opportunity to crosspost the question to HotDispatch. HotDispatch is more of an immediate answer type service. Depending upon your desired need for an answer, you can offer to pay for answers there. New members are given $25.00 in credits to use. If you crosspost your question to HotDispatch, you'll need to go there to check for responses. They are not available through jGuru.
  9. At some point, the manager of the FAQ will review the submission. You should receive an email notifying you of the outcome of the evaluation (but only if your jGuru member account has a valid email address for you!). The notification will tell you if your submission has been accepted or will provide a rationale for why it was rejected.
  10. If approved, then the jGuru members will see the question. The FAQ manager or a member can answer the question.
  11. Once someone has submitted a potential answer to your question, the FAQ manager must review it. If the manager feels the question is answered, they'll accept it. See What makes a good FAQ answer? for more information on answers.
  12. Once an answer to your question has been accepted by the FAQ manager, you will receive an email notification.