Is PersonalJava or J2ME CLDC/MIDP available for Windows CE?

Bill Day

The KVM is not currently available for WinCE, although Sun does provide a port of PersonalJava for MIPS and SH3 processor-based WinCE devices. Insignia is also providing a Java implementation for Compaq's popular iPAQ WinCE PDAs.

It is possible that someone might port the J2ME CLDC and MIDP source code, which is available under the Sun Community Source License (SCSL), to WinCE at some point in the future.

A complete listing of available J2ME/CLDC/KVM implementations and SDKs is available from the "J2ME Archive" at:

For information on the PersonalJava implementation for WinCE, please visit the PersonalJava homepage: java.sun.com/products/personaljava

Read the Compaq iPAQ Java press release from Insignia:

PS Interestingly, Microsoft themselves appear to have licensed a J2ME implementation for use in Japan, but they have not made any major announcement of this. The Register tattles on them at: