Where is the log file (written by ServletContext.log()) for JavaWebServer2.0?

Shirish Bathe

[Running on a WinNT4.0. Looked into the event_log but it's not there.] Hi,

Logs generated by ServletContext.log() or GenericServlet.log() are stored as event either in a file or displayed.

You have four choices to select from: [Where do you set this option? -Alex]

1. Rolling File - Rolling files enable you to remove the old logs without affecting the running service.
A rolling file collects log data until it reaches the size set in the Rollover File Size setting.

2. Single File - A file that collects log data until it reaches the maximum size allowed.

3. Standard Output - In most cases, the terminal screen of the machine running Java Web Server.

4. Standard Error - The default error log for the system running Java Web Server.

By default (for JavaWebServer2.0 running on a WinNT4.0) logs are stored in Rolling file "event_log" with buffer of 8KB. As this option uses the file cache you can not find your log entries in the file unless the cache is written to disk.

You can reduce cache size to 0KB (i.e. No Cache Option) and see your messages are written to disk.

Option 2 i.e. Single File does not uses any cache. So you can see your message Immediately
Option 2 and 3 dumps messages on standard output/error device. for this you have to start (Under Winnt 4.0)
Start your Web server from DOS Window (not as service).

Hope this will solve your query..