I need to have streaming audio in JAVA. Where is a good place to start investigating how to do this?

Bill Day

I have written several articles for JavaWorld magazine on the Java Media APIs including some on the Java Media Framework (JMF), which enables streaming audio (and video, and other things) in Java.

Check out my article "Progress on the JMF and Java Media APIs" for good getting started information:

Be sure to go through the Resources section at the end, as it contains links into many other bits of hopefully useful info for you.

Read through the JMF API Guide, available in PS, PDF, and HTML from. The Guide is available from:

You can download and try out the example Applet source code from my site, via the link to 'billday.jar' from:

You can also browse the javadocs for all of the examples in 'billday.jar' on my site at: