When using reflection, how do I locate a method / constructor that requires an array argument, as in fooBar(String[])?

Josh Lam

Array type names in Java uses '[' to denote a dimension. So for a one dimensional String (String[]) the type name of the array is "[Ljava.lang.String;" for a 2D array (eg String[][]), it is "[[Ljava.lang.String;"

Note that for classes of objects, you need to terminate the name of the type with a ';'.

If the array is an array of a primitive type eg (int, float, etc), then you need to use a special character to denote the type. The following are mappings for common primitive types:

int:  I
float: F
boolean: Z
byte: B
char: C
long: J
double: D
short: S

Also note that the type name for these arrays do not terminate with the ';' character. For example, the type name for "int[]" will be "[I".

The following example illustrates how methods that requires array arguments can be located and invoked with reflection:

import java.lang.reflect.*;

// Example class
class MyTest{
    public void oneDExample(String[] strs){
    public void twoDExample(String[][] strs){
    public void threeDExample(int[][][] ints){
        System.out.println("Three Dimension Example Invoked: " + ints[0][0][0]);

public class Test{
    static public void main(String []args){
            MyTest aTest  = new MyTest();            // Instance of MyTest
            Class  aClass = Class.forName("MyTest"); // Class object of MyTest
            Class[] para  = new Class[1];            // Parameter List
            Object[] arg  = new Object[1];           // Argument List
            Method m = null;                         // Method reference
            // One Dimension String Example
            String[] oneDStr   = new String[1];
            oneDStr[0] = "One Dimension Example Invoked";
            para[0] = Class.forName("[Ljava.lang.String;");  
            m = aClass.getMethod("oneDExample", para);
            arg[0] = oneDStr;
            m.invoke(aTest, arg);
            // Two Dimension String Example
            String[][] twoDStr   = new String[1][1];
            twoDStr[0][0] = "Two Dimension Example Invoked";
            para[0] = Class.forName("[[Ljava.lang.String;");
            m = aClass.getMethod("twoDExample", para);
            arg[0] = twoDStr;
            m.invoke(aTest, arg);

            // Three Dimension Int Example
            int[][][] threeDInt   = new int[1][1][1];
            threeDInt[0][0][0] = 10000;
            para[0] = Class.forName("[[[I");  // note no ';' at the end of name!
            m = aClass.getMethod("threeDExample", para);
            arg[0] = threeDInt;
            m.invoke(aTest, arg);
        catch(Exception e){System.out.println(e); }