Help system doesn't work: The specified product ivj30 is not known on the help system OR file specified file not found.

Johan Compagner

This is for the ivj30 == VAJ3.0. If you are restoring the help for the 3.0 Early Adopters Environment: vj32

  1. Go to the C:IMNnq_NT or c:IBMnq_95 dir
  2. type vahcfg list
  3. see if your ivj30 entry is there if it is see to what dir it points. If you get a file not found then it points to the wrong dir.
  4. If it points to the wrong dir first remove that help:
    vahcfg remove /prod ivj30
  5. now do this:
    vahcfg install /prod ivj30 /wdir c:/ibmvjava/doc

    (point to the right dir of course)