What are the differences between Infobus and the JavaBeans Activation Framework? Why would I choose one over the other?

John Zukowski

The InfoBus is a mechanism for sending messages between multiple components within the same JVM. In this case, it is more like the Java Message Service (JMS), another Java API for interclient messaging. JMS provides a general-purpose facility for sending asynchronous messages among distributed application components.

As far as the Activation Framework goes, this isn't really about sending messages around, but sending data, where the data is flagged with mime types. You then discover the operations you can do on the data, based upon what type it is.

Which of the three you use really depends upon what you want to do. JMS is a standard part of the J2EE, as is the activation framework, so in many cases one of these two would automatically get the nod first.

For more on using the InfoBus, see this JavaPro article: Let InfoBus Plug Your Beans Together. The usage / API hasn't changed much since then.