Which platforms support Java 3D? Where can I download a copy of Java 3D for my platform?

Bill Day

I am aware of the following implementations of Java 3D:

Each of these support some particular version(s) of the JDK/runtime. To get the specifics on the Java platform versions and OS versions supported, I would recommend visiting the homepages for each of the implementations above. Short list of links to SDKs and runtimes:

Solaris and Win32, java.sun.com/products/java-media/3D/download.html

IRIX, www.sgi.com/developers/devtools/languages/java.html

HP-UX, www.unixsolutions.hp.com/products/java/J3D113_content.html

Linux, www.blackdown.org/java-linux/jdk1.2-status/java-3d-status.html

jFree-D, members.linuxstart.com/~jfreed