what is the difference between JavaScript & AJAX? For what purpose AJAX is used ? what is the abbrevation for AJAX?

Krishna Rajendra Alapati

Hi Pradeep
AJAX is "Asynchronous Java Script and XML".Mainly used if we need to refresh a part of a HTML page but not the total page.For example take an example of Country/State.I have a Country list box in my page and when i select a specific country the corresponding states should be populated in the States list box in the same page.In this situation we can uset the "AJAX" to send the request on back end to get the States list.
As we are sending the request in back end and we are not waiting for the response(after sending the request you can continue with another operations on the page) we can say it as Asynchronous call.Using Java Script( onChange event of the country box) we will send the request(using the XMLHTTPRequest object) to any back end process to handle the request and then the response we will get as an XML, using DOM we will parse the XML and populate the data whatever we want.
So thats "AJAX" briefely for more details you can googleee always.
Krishna Rajendra A.