When (manually) deploying an EJB where do you specify the JNDI name that the bean is bound to in the JNDI tree?

satyanarayana sairam

[Questioner continues: According to the EJB1.1 spec there is no relation between the <ejb-name> tag in the deployment descriptor (or assembly descriptor) and the JNDI name. I can see that a client can use a "logical" name that can be mapped via vendor specific deployment info (e.g. orion-application-client.xml).]

When you are deploying the application in using Web Logic 4.5.1 server, in the deployment wizard you can specify the JNDI name and using the same name you can look up from the client.

[Is there any standard way to do it? If not, can someone give feedback with info for other servers? -Alex]