How is international text used in an XML file?

Richard Raszka

International text is used in the file by firstly specifying the encoding of the XML file that you have specified. This is done setting the <?xml encoding='Shift_JIS'?> at the beginning of the XML file (for example), which would specify the Microsoft Kanji font to use for display. The names for these text styles are defined in the Unicode standard and on the site http://www.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/character-sets.

Using these character sets requires the user either to type in the equivalent ASCII code from the keyboard or via the XML charcater specifier (#) For example: Ampersand would be #38 (in Decimal) or #x26 (in Hex). If using extended character sets such as the Japanese and Chinese characters two bytes would be used to represent the letter/character required to be displayed.

Standard tags such as separators such as < and > and tags such as <?xml ?> would be typed in as normally though content and tag names could be in the nominated character set used.