What is "Mustang"?

Brad Jones (jGuru)

Mustang is the code name for J2SE 6.0. (1.6.0)

The Mustang release of J2SE is expected to include a number of key changes to J2SE including changes to the release model of the JDK, XML and Web Services, Transparency, Ease-of-Development improvements, better compatibility, an updated to the API for accessing JDBC, and the addition of a scripting engine. There will a refined GUI as well as graphics performance improvements.

Within Swing, the big change in Mustang will be to improve the look and feel for the platform to make sure that the Swing's Windows and GTK look and feel fit the underlying platforms. For example, Swings Windows should work with the next release of windows ("Longhorn"), the GTK file chooser should match the current GTK file chooser, enhance and extend the layout managers, provide true double buffering, improve Drag & Drop, and more.

Within Java 2D quality and performance will be the primary focus of change in the Mustang release. This will include a rewriting of the native code for Windows to allow better use of Direct3D. There will be improvements and fixes to text support. This includes enabling additional text anti-aliasing modes, fixing rasterization bugs, and fixing bugs that messed up desktop antialiasing settings.

In the area of Internationalization, new functionality will be added for allowing locale-dependent components to be pluggable. Also added will be a new AIP to support the Unicode text normalization.

In AWT look for desktop integration features to be added. This includes the addition of new modularity modes such as application modularity, toolkit modularity, and document modularity. There is also a fix that allows for heavy and lightweight components to be mixed. With this release, it should be easier to intermix AWT and Swing components as well as ActiveX and other third party components. A new API is also being added to allow applications to be easily added to the system tray area as an icon.

This is just a few of the changes coming in Mustang. You can find more information on Sun's site. This release will be followed by the release code named "Dolphin".

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