Are there any Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools that support UML?

John Moore

There are a number of CASE tools that provide varying levels of support for UML including creating and managing UML diagrams, code generation to various languages, and reverse engineering of source code into UML. Here is a partial list of sources.

Product Company
 Argo/UML (Free)   Tigris 
 Rational Rose   Rational Software 
 Describe   Embarcadero Technologies 
 SELECT Enterprise   SELECT Business Solutions 
 Together ControlCenter    Borland 
 Objecteering/UML   Objecteering Software 
 With Class   MicroGold 
 System Architect   Popkin Software 
 Visual UML   Visual Object Modelers 
 UMLStudio   PragSoft 
 JVISION   Object Insight 
 SoftModeler   Softera 
 MagicDraw UML   No Magic 
 AllFusion Component Modeler   Computer Associates 
 Visio 2000   Microsoft 
 MetaEdit+   MetaCase Consulting 

(Note: Just about every product in this table is trademarked.)