What is the minimum/recommended configuration to run Tomcat under Windows NT/95/98 (RAM, CPU speed, etc.)?

Alex Chaffee

This is one of those "rules of thumb" questions for which everyone has a different answer. My personal advice is to make sure you have at least 128MB RAM (and 256MB doesn't hurt) since memory seems to be the biggest performance bottleneck on any server (more than CPU or network bandwidth).

From the tomcat-dev mailing list:

as a general rule IMHO, 
125 users/JVM
256MB RAM per JVM
250MHz of CPU per JVM (intel P2 equivalent)
thats what i use and i never have any problems. i mainly use asus p2bds
boards with dual 500mhz PIIIs and 1GB RAM, quantum 30GB drives and 4 JVMs
per server (500 max concurrent users/server).
again, it depends on how much your servlets are doing - mine do a lot.
Please submit your own rules of thumb and experiences as feedback.