Is it possible to use a TagLib without defining a web app using Tomcat? [I'm using .jsp without webapps and everything's ok, but I can't make it work with taglibs]

Stacy Curl

When using taglibs with an application you specify the location of a tag library in the web.xml file, web.xml resides in TOMCAT_ROOT/webapps/APPNAME/WEB-INF. The taglib entries in web.xml look like:

There is another web.xml which seems to be a global one: TOMCAT_ROOT/conf/web.xml Simply place the above XML there, the last entry in my conf/web.xml was a "welcome-file-list" entry, the taglib xml can be placed after that. I don't know where the .tld file should be placed, maybe under TOMCAT_ROOT/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/jsp ?