Are there any IDE's which will help me debug JSPs?

Govind Seshadri

IBM's Visual Age for Java (VAJ) IDE provides numerous features to aid in the debugging and incremental development of JSPs. VAJ Professional and Enterprise Editions come with the JSP Execution Monitor, which allows you to simultaneously view the JSP source, the generated servlet source as well as the dynamically generated HTML content.

A really cool feature is that you can enable VAJ to work with the freely available JSP 1.1 reference implementation Tomcat, available from the Apache Group. In fact, you can also use the freely available VAJ Entry Level Edition (which is limited to using 750 classes - more than sufficient for getting started) to debug JSPs which run under Tomcat. Read the excellent article published in the Visual Age Developers Domain titled "Apache Tomcat Servlet and JavaServer Pages Development with VisualAge for Java" by Sheldon Wosnick for the inside scoop.

Oracle recently announced JDeveloper 3.0, which features wizards to aid in JSP development and debugging.