What platforms does ANTLR's C++ work on?

Terence Parr

First, as of 6/29/2000, I have included lots of C++ fixes in a testing release called 2.7.1a2. 2.7.1 itself will be out when I can get a real patch together. A few more bug fixes. :)

Below is a list of C++ compilers / operating systems for which I received information.

Compiler               OS                         Version
------------------     ---------------------      ----------
Sun Workshop 4.2       Solaris 2.6, 7             2.7.1a2
Sun Workshop 5.0       Solaris 2.7                2.7.1a2
Sun Workshop 6.0       Solaris 2.7                2.7.1a2
egcs-1.1.2             Solaris 2.6,7              2.7.1a2
egcs-1.1.2             Linux 2.2, Solaris 2.6     2.7.1a2
gcc-2.95.2             Linux 2.2, Solaris 2.6,7   2.7.1a2
gcc-2.96 (20000527)    Solaris 2.6                2.7.1a2
aCC A.01.21            HP-UX 10.20                2.7.0 no!
Visual C++ 6.0         PC                         2.7.1a2 (warnings)
Intel C++ 4.0          NT 4.0                     2.7.0
Borland 5.0            NT 4.0                     2.7.0

Thanks to Eric Dumas <edumas@tumbleweed.com>, Clint Olsen <olsenc@ichips.intel.com>, Kevin.Burton@avstarnews.com, Ric Klaren <klaren@cs.utwente.nl>, Jan Mikkelsen <janm@transactionsite.com>, Michael Schmitt <schmitt@itm.mu-luebeck.de>, and John Lambert <johnl@jbase.com> for their information.