Using Websphere for a small EJB application deployment, why do I get the message "The jar file you have created does not contain any beans.Please select a jar file with beans in it".

Shaun Childers

This isn't particularly due to the fact that you are using Websphere, although I won't rule that out here based on what you have described. The way to check this would be to try to deploy the same JAR file in Weblogic and see if you receive the same error message.

More than likely, your problem is the fact that your manifest (serialized, in the JAR file) is pointing to a bean, say, com.mycompany.mybean.BigBean and inside the JAR file, the package structure for this bean does not match. In other words, you should see the exact folder structure of the BigBean in the JAR file as in the manifest file. So, your JAR file should display the file, BigBean, and then under the 'Path' section, you should have com/mycompany/mybean/. So, if this is your problem, look at how you are JARring up your files, the package structure in your classes and you might need to modify your manifest file.