How can I change the port of my Java Web Server from 8080 to something else?

Shirish Bathe

Hi Raviraj,

It is very simple. JAVA WEB SERVER comes with remote Web administration tool. You can access this with a web browser.

Administration tool is located on port 9090 on your web server. To change port address for web server:

1. Access tool (http://hostname:9090)
2. Enter User Id/Password (by default it is admin/admin)
3. Select service (Web service)
4. Click on "manage" button. You will get a popup screen with all settings.
5. Click on network tree node, On right hand side you will get text box for entering port no.
6. Change port number with desire one.
7. click on restart button.

Hope this is solution for the problem. In case If you want more info please contact me on bathe@satyamonline.com