Explain the terms broker, provider, and implementation with respect to JMS?

Jerry Smith

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Note, however, that, technically, a JMS implementations is any implementation of the JMS API. Thus, an arbitrary collection of application components could implement the JMS interfaces, and then provide messaging services to its peers. The term provider is quite general and typically would be interpreted as any implementation that provides complete JMS functionality, with either publish/subscribe or point-to-point messaging, or both.

Technically, a JMS broker could be, perhaps, any implementation of the messaging brokering services, omitting, for example, certain administrative capabilities. Although the term broker is common, its usage may require a contextual interpretation. In some cases, the entire JMS implementation/server is referred to as a broker; in other cases, broker is used at the destination level. For example, if the JMS server is managing the topic "Java" (among others), the "Java" topic is a broker for all messages published to "Java" and distributed on to "Java" subscribers.