I had Tomcat installed on c: cjakarta-tomcat, but need to run .jsp stored on d:abc est. How can I accomplish this?

Simon Brown

Unless you are using a "J2EE web application" there is no simple way to do this. I would suggest creating a new web application and registering it with tomcat.

A web application is essentially a standardised directory structure containing all of the resources for your application. Using this standardised approach means that you can migrate your application to another JSP 1.1/Servlet 2.2 compatible server in the future very easily.

The examples directory under your tomcat webapps directory (c: cjakarta-tomcatwebapps) is a good example of how to setup a webapp, and the important points to note are the WEB-INF directory and its web.xml file.

Once you've setup your web application, you can register it with tomcat by opening up the server.xml file from the "conf" directory under your tomcat installation. Again, take a look at how the example application is registered and use the same mechanism for registering your new webapp. All you need to do is specify the "docBase" attribute as a fully qualified path.