Are there Web-specific elements of the UML?

Brian Lyons

UML is a general language designed to support numerous software languages and technologies. But the designers of the language have provided mechanisms for organizations to extend the language for particular needs.

While the OMG provides no officially sanctioned extensions, there are some out there. As they are just exercising the extension mechanisms provided, they are still valid UML.

Jim Conallen has authored a book entitled Building Web Applications with UML (ISBN: 0201615770) and provides much of the information from the book online at: http://www.conallen.com/technologyCorner/webextension/welcome.html

Sun is working on a Java Specification Request (JSR) for UML/EJB mapping. There is information on it here: http://web2.java.sun.com/aboutJava/communityprocess/jsr/jsr_026_uml.html